Since 1967 Pizzeria Treppì

Since 1967 three generations of the Pezzo Family


Is the pizza par excellence. It takes from 48 to 72 hours for a good leavening. Once it is well developed it guarantees the perfect digestion.

Margherita Tasting

Four tastings of different types of cheeses from the most delicate to the flavorful.


The friggitelli, yellow cherry tomatoes from Paestum, the datterino, milk cream, basil and parmesan cheese.


Fresh cheese with spun dough, soft and stringy.

Morsel of Burrata

Six segments to be enjoyed in company with burrata and prosciutto 24 months old.

The ricottina

Peeled San Marzano, fiordilatte and prosciutto after the pizza was out of the wood oven.

Burrata and pork

Peeled San Marzano, Puglia's burrata and pork after the pizza was out of the wood oven.

La Pala

Beautiful contour, high, stuffed inside with 3 flavors at your choose.

The Guanciale

Peeled San Marzano, fiordilatte, pork cheek after the pizza was out of the wood oven and scales of pecorino cheese from Sardinia.

The panuozzo

Crispy outside and soft inside ... buffalo's mozzarella, datterini (cherry tomatoes), aragula, prosciutto and DOP parmesan.


Love at first sight. When you try it you can not leave it anymore.

Wide selection of natural beers

Good of course! Of course good!

Our philosophy:

the desire to revisit the tradition of Italian pizza.

A well-leavened pizza, with patience, with the right times for optimum digestion.

A well flavored pizza: extra virgin olive oil of first grade, as well as the peeled tomatoes, the same for the mozzarella or buffalo's mozzarella with oregano still in the Calabrese or Sicilian branch.

The pizza is the dish, the course of the best Italian tradition and has to be treated with the utmost care, respecting even the tiniest detail.

Only using excellent aromas and flavors we can guarantee the best quality products.


we love to bring back on the table what was lost in the past and find the pizza of our memory, delightful, good, fragrant and digestible.

Visit us and ask for your desired savour. We will listen to you and suggest the best pizza suited for your tastes and your expectations.